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Finer by Nature

Finer By Nature Beef Tripe - Offer

Finer By Nature Beef Tripe - Offer

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Beef Tripe (Boneless) Raw 1kg

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Working Dog - Beef Tripe Mince Raw 1kg Bag.

Made with 100% Beef Tripe and nothing else, our mince has a great texture that dogs love, super fresh made from frozen material not defrosted ensures our Tripe smells great, tastes great, looks great

  • Super fresh product straight from the Welsh valleys
  • Never defrosted for production unlike the majority of producers
  • Great texture that dogs love, really chunky
  • With all our products you can see every particle, no hiding poor ingredients
  • Perfect for DIY feeders
  • No Mush!
  • Available in 1kg bags for best economy
  • Made in Hereford using UK meats

In addition, feeding green tripe may offer the following benefits

  • Digestive health: Green tripe is the unprocessed stomach lining of ruminating animals, such as cows, sheep, or deer, and it contains beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes that can support a healthy gut microbiome in dogs. This may help improve digestion and promote gastrointestinal health.

  • Nutrient-rich: Green tripe is packed with essential nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, which are important for bone health. It also contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, and can contribute to overall health and well-being.

  • Enzymes: Green tripe contains natural digestive enzymes that may help dogs break down food more efficiently, potentially aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Appetite stimulant: Green tripe has a strong smell and flavor that can entice picky eaters or dogs with a decreased appetite to eat. It can be used as a natural appetite stimulant, especially for dogs who may be recovering from illness or surgery.

  • Dental health: Chewing on raw green tripe can help promote dental health in dogs. The abrasive texture of the tripe can provide a natural teeth-cleaning action, helping to remove plaque and tartar, and potentially supporting better oral health.

  • Variety in diet: Including green tripe in a dog's diet can offer dietary diversity, which can be beneficial as part of a balanced and varied feeding plan. This can help prevent nutrient deficiencies and provide a range of nutrients that may not be found in other food sources.

  • Natural food source: Green tripe is considered a whole food and is minimally processed, making it a natural food source for dogs. Some pet owners who follow a raw food diet, such as a raw or BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet, may choose to include green tripe as part of their dog's raw food regimen


100% Beef Tripe


  • Crude Protein 18.4%
  • Crude Fat 24.1%
  • Crude Fibre less than 1%
  • Ash less than 1%
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