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Kleen Dog Bath System

Kleen Dog Bath System

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Kleen Dog Bath System

Unique & Inovative New Dog Bathing System To Clean And Dry Your Dog Fast With No Mess And No FussHelps Dogs Feel Calm & Secure During Bathing

No More Messy Water ShakesNo More Scary Hairdryers

Quick Drying Even For Long Haired Dogs

Consists of :-

Kleen Dog Bath Barrier

Fits Most Standard Baths Damming The Water And Creating a Calming Confined Space At One End of The Bath

Kleen Dog Bath Mat

Made From Heavy Duty PVC And Provides A Sturdy Non Slip SurfaceTo Reassure Your Dog And Protect Your Bath From Scratches

Kleen Dog Bath Robe

Soft 400 Gsm Microfibre Which Absorbs Water 7 Times Faster Than A Regular Towel 

All in A Handy Storage Bag

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